This residence, built in 1906 by Ruby and Sim Cooper,  was purchased in 1996 by Nathan Winchester and the remodel that resulted in an interior and exterior make over began.  Original hardwood flooring was restored and small period appropriate architectural details were added to achieve a more refined appearance.  The exterior was stripped to the original wood and repainted, columns were rebuilt and an accent was added to the screen design.  One of the owners the main concerns was the absence of direct access to the backyard from any of the rooms in the house. The secondary concern was a fence that restricted the potential expanse of outdoor space resulting in an underutilized backyard. The solution was to relocate the front yard fence and replace it with an iron fence and to replace a large window in the dining room with glass doors and add a covered side porch. This small addition provides a pleasant transition from the dining room to a welcoming and purposeful backyard.